Last Monday EveryJune, Environment Day In DELSU- V-C

Prof Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga, Vice-Chancellor Delta State University Abraka

The Vice-Chancellor, Delta State University, (DELSU),Abraka, Professor Andy Ogochukwu Egwunyenga has declared the last Monday of June every year as Delta State University Environment Day.

Prof. Egwunyenga made the disclosure on Monday, June 27, 2022, during a tree planting campaign to mark the maiden Environment Day of the University.

In a speech entitled ‘’The Environment Owns Us’’ at the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor drew attention to build and sustain an inspiring environment for the University.

‘’On assumption of office two years ago, I undertook to transform the environment making it befitting of a University’’, he told his audience, drawn largely from the university community. ‘’I reflect with joy that this has been achieved through our collective efforts’’.

According to a statement pasted on the facebook wall of Prof. Ben Nwanne, Director, Directorate of Ceremonials, Information And Public Relations (CIPR),
DELSU, Abraka, Prof Egwunyenga said the yearly DELSU Environment day would be strictly observed.

He disclosed that in the past two months the University through the office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Director (Estate) had planted over 1000 tress, explaining that ‘’the University is investing this year alone more than six million naira to procure, plant, tend and sustain trees in all parts of the University main campus and Oleh’’.

Prof. Egwunyenga espoused the importance of the environment in these words: ‘’Our entire being is a product of our environment including our health, social outlook, behaviour, temperament and even spiritual well being are all related to the environment’’.

He explained that the environment owned humans and their future depended on how much they protected and sustained the environment.

The Professor who is providing DELSU an enlightened and committed leadership told his audience that in subsequent years there would be need to focus on other areas such as demarcation of protected forests of the University, deliberate forestation with rare plant species, development of economic trees, creation of wild life parks and others.

At the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor led the Principal Officers, Deans and other relevant officers to plant trees to the admiration of staff and students.



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