Assign Roles To Traditional Rulers In Constitution Amendment, King Whiskey Urges NASS

His Royal Majesty King Obukohwo Monday Arthur Whiskey Udurhie I , the Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom

By Great Maduawulechukwu

The Monarch of Idjerhe, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, His Royal Majesty King Obukohwo Monday Arthur Whiskey, Udurhie I, has advocated for constitutional roles for the traditional institution in Nigeria, stressing that this would resolve the high level of insecurity in the country.

The monarch said this at his Palace in Idjhere, during the occasion of the thanksgiving and grand reception commemorating his one year coronation anniversary, noting there will be no proper and acceptable constitutional ammendment if the were no specific roles for the traditional rulers.

“If there is going to be any constitutional amendment there must be a specific responsibility for the royal fathers that is recognized by the constitution. The Royal fathers are closer to the people. It’s not when it has happened that you call the king.”

“I have been a very strong advocate of constitutional role to Royal fathers. Before now it was the royal fathers that were in charge of communities and kingdoms. At that time insecurity was not anywhere.”

“If there is any constitutional amendment that will be meaningful, there must be a constitutional duty for the Royal Institution in this country

The monarch of Idjhere Kingdom has also that the forensic audit of the Niger Delta Development Commission carried out by the Federal Government was a scam.

According to the monarch who spoke to journalists shortly after conferring chieftaincy titles on deserving sons and daughters of the Kingdom, the NDDC forensic audit was never carried out but was only used to buy time.

He said the forensic auditors never came to Idjhere Kingdom where there were a lot of ongoing NDDC projects, to carry out any audit.

“I told the Presidency from this throne that the forensic audit they just did is a scam. There was nothing called forensic audit at all. They only did that to buy time.”

“Idjhere is rich in oil and gas and there are many NDDC projects going on in this Kingdom, but they (NDDC auditors) never came here.”

“There is no audit that does not have a life span. But this NDDC forensic audit did not have a life span and this is one of the reasons why I am faulting it,” the Idjhere monarch said.

The monarch, therefore, called on Persident Muhammadu Buhari to immediately inaugurate the senate-approved governing board of the NDDC.

“You nominated people, you screened them and they were confirmed by the National Assembly, yet you refused to inaugurate them.”

“This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that you screen and confirm people and they were never inaugurated. This is an insult to the Constitution of this country,” The Idjhere monarch said.

He also wondered why the NDDC was taken away from the presidency and handed to the Ministry of the Niger Delta Affairs while it’s sister agency, the North East Development Commission, was still under the presidency.

“The Niger Delta people should wake up because as we speak a sister agency, the North East Development Commission, that has the same capacity as the NDDC, is still under the presidency. Why did you remove the NDDC from the Presidency and gave it to an interested party from the Niger Delta.

“Are you aware that Akpabio was a Governor. He was once nominated Executive Director, Project, NDDC board, and he was also nominated as the last Managing Director of the NDDC,” he said.

He said with the refusal of the Federal Government to inaugurate the NDDC board, the ruling party under President Muhammadu Buhari has lost the opportunity to galvanize support from the south South come 2023.

“I told the Federal Government that the NDDC is one of the strongest government agencies in the South South region of Nigeria that the APC can use to galvanize support. But I think they have lost that opportunity.

“I think the Federal Government should go back to the drawing board, withdraw NDDC from the Ministry of the Niger Delta and urgently inaugurate the NDDC board that was already screened,” he adde


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