Children’s Day: NUJ Delta Felicitates With Children

Comrade Michael Ikeogwu, Chairman Nigeria Union of Journalists, Delta State Council


By Great Maduawulechukwu-Asaba

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Delta State Council has congratulated Nigerian children as they celebrate the 2021 Children’s Day, calling on parents and guardians to lead their children and wards on the part of truth, sound moral, hard work and patriotism.

NUJ Delta State Council in a statement signed by Comrade Michael Ikeogwu and Comrade Patrick Ochei, Chairman and Secretary respectively, decried the high level of moral decadence in society which has led to alot of vices in the country, said it was hightime the leaders take decisive step to stem the tide.

“We are indeed happy with our children knowing that every May 27 brings memories that stick for a longer time, thereby creating room for mental remembrance. It is our prayer that the international reason to mark a day for our children find expressions of positivity in their lives.”

“It is on this note that we charge parents to give them the requisite love and treat that will remain indelible in their memoirs.”

According to the statement, “It is unfortunate that most parents these days have abdicated their duties to their children and the outcome has not been palatable in terms of the quality of upbringing we now have in our society. Gone are the days when respect and moral uprightness of children was something to cherish.”

“On this note, we urge parents to reevaluate and reintroduce those trainings of the old that made children outstanding in soundness of morals, respect and duty.”

“As a result of the failures of parenthood, our culture and values have been debased, leaving moral decadence and juvenile delinquency to take the centre stage in the life of our children. These days, children no longer have need for education; instead, they want to get rich quick. This syndrome has assisted the increase in Yahoo Yahoo mindset and all manner of crimes in our society.”

The statement said, “The government has not also helped issues. There has been the bane of honest, focused and capable leadership, which ordinarily should have created regenerational policies that are supposed to sustain children’s positive development and moral upstanding.”

“We are of the opinion that if parents and government can go back to basis to create enabling environment for the development of children, more would be achieved in sustaining a saner society.”

“The parents should teach their children love, hardwork and diligence; while the government should provide quality education, teach nationalism and provide employment for our teeming youths.”

“Above all, the children must understand that only hardwork can take them higher in life. If you cannot afford to go to school, please learn a trade in your own interest and future security.”


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