Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation Donates Learning Materials To Schools In Delta Communities


—-Promises To Build Two Toilets In Odoro Primary School

By Ovedhe Hezekiah-Isoko

As part of it’s efforts to boost quality education, the Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation, recently, donated learning materials to some schools in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State,

The items donated to the schools which included Oviota Primary School, Enhwe, Okpolo Primary School, Okpolo-Enhwe, Odoro Primary school Oleh and St Michael College, were notebooks and awards to the best performing teachers that were still in service and those who perform credibly before retirement  at Odoro Primary School, Oleh.

In his address the chairman of the  Foundation, Barr. Clem Efevawere Onowotu, said that, “My joining started from Odoro Primary School, Oleh, it was in primary 4B in my second phase that I knew I was going to school, it was in that class after I was promoted to primary 5B with a weak pass and my father of blessed memory said that he will never subscribed to a weak pass that I should repeat primary 4B.

According to him, “I listened and respected the words of my father against my peers and others, I started knowing the logic in answering questions and solving arithmetic problems.

Barr. Onowotu noted that, “It is good to listen to parents and teachers, my fellow present pupils, in all I am saying today if you cannot remember all, I will beg you to remember this; it is always good to listen to your parents and teachers, he stated.

He furher said that, “My dream of becoming a lawyer started from here and today that dream is a reality. It all started by seeing a poster in the assistant headmaster’s office then I fall in love with the wig and gown and that was in primary 5.

“I am fully aware of the many challenges the school is faced with and as we all know, the government of the day cannot do all and if even it can, in many areas corruption is a big problem in Nigeria.”

He however promised to build two toilet facilities at Odoro Primary School, Oleh, one for the girl child and another for the boy child to be completed by September this year, urging the Parents Teachers Association to provide one for the teachers, noting that they are all working as a team.

“My Foundation will always partner with the school to see the areas of need and help out in her own little way, affirming that scholarship will be given, textbooks will be given, uniforms will be given and the orphans in our midst will be taken care of.

Reacting to the kind gesture of the Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation the Headmistress of Odoro Primary School Miss Iroro Florence Oniovogha said that, We so appreciate one of our own Barr. Clem Efevawere-Onowotu for his support to the learners of this school.

“On the 15th September 2021, Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation gave books and umbrellas to the learners and teachers of primary 1B, he said that was the class he started from. On the 13th of December 2021, the same Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation paid for the enrollment of seventeen learners in Primary 6B, one learner in primary 6A and 6C altogether 19 learners.

Miss Iroro also appealed to other well meaning individuals and the State government to help the school for the perimeter fencing, more toilets facilities, library hall, renovation of classrooms, mowing machines for learners as they are too young and small to clear the field and provision of security personnel to help to stop constant vandalization of the school facilities.

In a goodwill message during the event at Odoro Primary School,Oleh the Secretary of Isoko South local government Education Authority Hon. Pius Emamowho said that what Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation is doing is a laudable action to assist the state government and the communities in the area of education, noting that if a child is denied education is the greatest disadvantage that will happen to that child in life.

Hon. Emamowho also said that “If we fail to assist other children in the society today they will become problem to our children tomorrow, hence, we must try as much as possible to be involved in the training of the children in our society.

On her part the Principal of St Michael College, Oleh Mrs. Ogeli Justina commended the effort of the Clem Efevawere-Onowotu Foundation, “It is a great deal to humanity, we have been expecting this kind gesture long ago.

“The State government cannot provide everything will needed, the numbers of schools in Delta State are much and for him to be keying into this humanitarian service God will continue to bless him”.


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