Coronation: Olorogun Uwanogho Presents Website  To  UDU

Olorogun (Engr) Omonefe Uwanogho explaining the purpose of the website to the President General of Ughelli Kingdom and others present at the Royal Palace Hall in Ughelli.

Ovedhe Hezekiah.

As part of his contributions towards the growth and development of Ughelli Kingdom, Olorogun (Engr)Omonefe Uwanogho has built and presented a website to the executive of Ughelli Descendant Union (UDU) to enable the union archive  and  showcase the activities of the kingdom in the global space.

Speaking while presenting the website, at the Royal Palace Hall in Ughelli North local Government Area of Delta State, Uwanogho disclosed that “The world is going global and it was time for our kingdom to usher and archive all her activities, culture, customs and traditions into the global space.

He said, “Our custom, culture and traditions will certainly  go into extinction if not archived and we deemed it fit to build and ensure that all activities in the kingdom are on the website for the future generation.”

According to the UK based Engineer, “I have the interest of my people at heart and I want to make something different as the world is going global and if this is not done, our unborn children will never forgive us for not keeping our culture, customs and tradition.”

“When I go into the internet, I do see people from different countries like China and Japan displaying their culture and traditions and I said to myself if these countries can display their originality, my own Ughelli Kingdom has a very rich and endowed cultural heritage that can also be google on the internet.

“Few years ago I started the data collection about the Ughelli Kingdom, its origin, people, culture and traditions and the behavior to create this website. Its an ongoing project and by the time we are done, Ughelli Kingdom will be a home to many nations across the globe”, he  stated.

Expressing excitement at the website, the traditional ruler of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Dr. Wilson Ojakovo Oharisi III, JP said, It was a thing of joy for their son, Olorogun Omonefe to put Ughelli on the global space.

He said, “We have been clamouring to have a website where information about our great kingdom will be displayed but do to financial constraints, we have not been able to achieve it. But today our dream has come true through, Olorogun Engr Omonefe Uwanogho whom I recently honoured with the traditional title of Urhukpe Isi r’Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom.

“He has other plans for the kingdom and it is my prayers that God should give him the ability to fulfill his plans for the kingdom. ”

On his part, the president general of Ughelli Kingdom, Chief Pius Omubaye said, “The presentation of the to our King and UDU is a welcome development. Personally, I am happy and filled with joy and I can compare it with that woman that was healed by Jesus in the Bible.”

“This is a dream come true,  a dream I dreamt about three years ago and it is coming to us free of charge through Olorogun Omonefe Uwanogho, the Urhukpe Isi of Ughelli Kingdom and it is epoch event because it has been handed over to me and the kingdom.

“This website is a unifying factor, it is an area where we can identify our challenges, talk about them and boost our heritage and I appeal to all Ughelli descendants to always maintain and key into this peace overture.”


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