It Is Still Not Yet Clear Whether There Will Be Election in 2023-Pastor Adeboye


By Great Maduawulechukwu

The General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejere Adeboye, has called on Christians to actively participate in politics so that they can help usher in the desired change, saying that it is still not yet clear to him whether there will be election in 2023.

Pastor Adeboye made the call in what could be described as a prelude address to his sermon Sunday, 3rd April, 2022, broadcast Live on Dove TV, titled, “Waiting Without Wasting, ” and monitored by The Mandate.

Daddy G.O. lamented the state of things in the country, say he was not too sure it the state of affairs in the country was the reason God has not spoken concerning the 2023 as He did in previous elections in the country.

“I still don’t know whether there will be election next year. Don’t say that I said there will be no election. Quote me correctly that I said I don’t know whether there will be election next year yet. I say so because my father has not told me. I don’t know yet. Remember to put yet.”

“80% of the oil we are producing is being stolen and nobody has denied it. It came from the government. There are a number of question that we need to ask. Number one, who is the one stealing our oil? Number two, where is the money going to? 80% of what would have been income of a nation is going into the hands of some people. That is alot of money. What do they want to do with the money that is question number three.”

“Question number four, who are those buying these stolen oil? Question number five, how many of these nations are your friends? So you can see the reason why I am not thinking of 2023. May be that is why God Has not spoken to me because there are alot to deal with than 2023.”

Pastor Adeboye decried the unending g borrowing borrowing by Nigerian government, warning that Nigeria is gradually going into bankruptcy.

“It is open secret, it is in the news, undenied that more than 90% of our income, more than 90% of the money we get from the left over from the oil we sell, we are using it to pay the interest of the money we borrowed. More than 90% and we are borrowing more.”

“Meaning what, according to one of my friends, we are moving steadily into bankruptcy. A whole nation! My beloveth Nigeria is steadily moving into bankruptcy.
We are talking of today now. So you can see the reason somebody like me I am more concern on about what is happening now than what is going to happen a year from now.”

He thereby called on Christians to pray for the country, saying “So all my partners, wake up we must pray again. We must pray for Kaduna, we must pray for all the states pray for our beloved Nigeria. Pray that Almighty God who sees all, will expose all those stealing our oil. That this Almighty God will have mercy on our nation.”

“He is Almighty, he can deal with our debt. After all during the reign of President Obasanjo, we became debt free because those we were owing forgive us. That God is still, on the throne. If that God does not intervene, your children, your grand children, your great grand children, will still be paying debt. That has to change.”

While appealing to politicians not to distract him with their comments and attack when he called on Christians and his children to be actively involved in electioneering process, he reminded that he is not interested I party politics and will never be a politician

“Let me now conclude because I have also have alot to say. Please help me beg these political gymnasts not to bother me ooo, they should let me do my job. You know why I am not a politician, why I am not bothered about who is going to be who? For your information anybody who comes to me from what ever Party and ask me to pray, I will pray. I have only one prayer for everyone of them. Father let your perfect will concerning this fellow be done, that is always my prayer.

“It is written, the most high rules in the affairs of men He gives it to whoever He pleases. That is what the Bible says. That is why I am waiting, who ever He says, that is who I will fellow. Who are you supporting, who ever God says. You said you are not a politician why are you asking your children to show interest in politics? Witches are showing interest. Didn’t you read it in the papers? If something is important that witches are showing interest, should Christians go to sleep? I think I better stop there.”




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