Prof Nwoke calls for transformational leadership in Nigeria


Prof Nwoke calls for transformational leadership in Nigeria


Prof B.E.B Nwoke, a Professor of Public Health, Parasitology and Entomology, has stated that what the country needs is transformational leaders and not experienced politicians.

Prof Nwoke stated this while delivering his lecture titled; Transformational Leadership, The Panacea For The Change We Need In A Deprived Society, at the 15th Convocation Lecture of Delta State University, Abraka.

He explained that, “Nigeria is a massive begging site because people are impoverished from lack of economic opportunity, unimproved Public Health facilities among others.

“National development is the capacity of a country to raise the Standard of living of its residents. It can be achieved by providing individuals with basic livelihood requirements and supplying them with employment.”

The Guest Lecturer, Prof Nwoke also noted that; “Genuine transformational leadership is one’s internal disposition, which relates to a sense of purpose, self-worth and self-concept developed from good ethical upbringing, nurturing or orientation.

“We need real transformational leaders with solid track records in leadership and governance across domains. We in our various capacities can do little we can to salvage the situation, except a system is put in place to drive it.

“ We need a system that works and the provision of a level playing ground to enable development thrive and enjoy development associated with it, such as; improves public health, better economic opportunities, quality education,  increase countries global standing, improved infrastructure, and create a better quality of life.”


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