Time To Rescue Delta From Underdevelopment Is Now-Ogboru


The All Progressive Grand Alliance, (APGA), gubernatorial candidate in Delta state, Chief Great Ogboru, has assured that time is up to rescue Delta state from underdevelopment.

He stated Wednesday in Asaba, Delta state on the occasion of the inauguration of the candidate’s and presentation of his manifesto ‘Jubilee Agenda’ for a fair and better Delta

While saying that something was wrong in the state, since there was no job, where hospitals has become a consulting place, where one  cannot sleep with his two eyes closed, then something must be done to rescue the situation urgently.

Ogboru, known as peoples general, said the challenges must be a thing of the past, defining jubilee agenda as sustainable development in health, education, rural development, conducive environment, comparative agenda as a state will all be addressed.

“We want equal opportunities for all LGAs for development. Now going forward, #2million will be given monthly to every local government for development purposes. if there is development from the grassroot, there will be money in circulation for development.

“We have seen the plights of the youths. It is important development takes place simuotaneously. There would no more be mud houses in Delta, they will be destroyed and rebuild under rural agenda development” Ogboru stated.

State party chairman, APGA, Elder Enemokwu Afamefune, said it is vital all hands must be on deck to navigate the nook and crannies of the state to actualize the realities of expectations on the goal 9f occupying the government house come 2023.

“We therefore need cohesion, open mind and heart with all embracing hands stretches out to welcome more people willing to join us genuinely, to move from minority to majority as that is the 9nly way we can win election. The 9bserved level of acrimony us is capable of derailing us from our collective focus” he stated

In his acceptance speech, Prince Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh, Chairman, Jubilee Campaign Organization, promised to discharge the responsibility by working with all council members and party faithfuls to make sure all their candidates are voted for in the 2023 elections.


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