June 12: CDHR Condemns Ban On Twitter, Urges Buhari To Tackle Insecurity, Others


By Senator Matthew-Warri

In commemoration of the “Democracy Day” in Nigeria, the Delta State Branch of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, (CDHR), today lambasted the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led Federal Government over the ban on Twitter as well as the unjustified press censorship by the President.

The CDHR led by its Chairman, Chief (Elder) Peter Edariese at a press briefing in Warri, chanted solidarity songs as they beard placards with inscriptions such,”There should be freedom of Speech”, “Say No To killings”, ” Say No to unemployment “, “We condemn Twitter ban #RestorTwitter#”.

“Buhari every life matters,free all abducted school children”, “Buhari tackle insecurity,” “Respect the rights of Men, Women and Children. Aluta Continua,” “We want true federalism,” “Nigeria Democracy is Oligarchy in disguise. Govt of the few” and “Ban bandits. Unban Our Twitter URL. Social media is a tool of development”.

According to Chief Edariese, “The decision by the Federal Government to ban Twitter was too hasty and counterproductive with devastating effects on freedom of speech and investments generally in Nigeria.”

“CDHR Delta State hereby advice the Federal Government to reverse the ban on Twitter and the Press Censorship in the Country in the interest of peace and economic development of pur dear nation and beyond.”

Chief Edariese who addressed other issues also condemned the insecurity in the Country and the manner the president had handled the issues thus far.

“It is the height of discrimination against the Ibos of South-East for Buhari administration to deploy the entire security forces in Nigeria to fight those asking for self determination while the same Federal Government is heard to be saying that State Governments and Traditional Rulers should deal with issues of Insecurity in their various States and domain especially the issue of Boko Haram and Bandits in the Northern States.”

He appealed to President Buhari to apply fairness and justice to address the whole issues of Insecurity in the Country.

CDHR Secretary-General and Public Relations Officer,Comrade Israel Joe and Comrade Kelvin Ejumudo respectively, who aligned themselves with the position of the chairman also expressed dissatisfaction on the insecurity in the Country.

The duo said the citizens, especially the youths are no longer free in their fatherland.
They lamented the high rate of unemployment amongst the youths under the watch of the president who promised to create one million jobs yearly.

They added that the education is being abused as institutions of learning are in a sorry state and very much insecured for students and teachers/lecturers who are now being kidnapped and killed by bandits.

They stressed the need for President Buhari to tackle the insecurity in the Country before it gets out of hand.

Our Correspondent who went round town reports that there were no protests anywhere in Warri and its environs as security operatives were seen on patrol of major streets and roads with a view to disperse anyone who dared the directive of President Buhari and the Commissioner of Police,CP Ari Muhammed Ali on no protest order.


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