Residents of Warri Commends Master’s Place International Church On Renovation of Warri Stadium


By Great Maduawulechukwu

Residents of the oil rich city of Warri, Delta State, have charged well to do Nigerians and Non Governmental Organizations in the country to emulate the philanthropic disposition of The Master’s Place International Church in it’s determination to contribute to the development of society.

A case in hand of the philanthropic work of The Master’s Place International Church is the on-going renovation of the Warri City Stadium, which residents of the area have described as very laudable step that has not been seen in recent times considering the massive face-lift being given to the edifice that once hosted International competitions.

Our Correspondent who visited the Warri City Stadium to see things for himself and to also confirm the news spreading across the oil rich City of the Great work being undertaken by the chuch, was overwlmed by the massive work on at the stadium, this time around not by the efforts of the government of the day but by a church planning to hold crusade.

Some residents of Warri who spoke to our Correspondent described the act as a very commendable one that other organization should emulate, stressing g that government alone cannot meet the aspirations of the citizens.

One Kingdom Osiobe who was sighted at the stadium hailed the church for the maintainance works, noting that they were supposed when they that that a church planning for crusade was responsible and not government.

“I have not seen a church like Master’s Place International. You used your power. You used your money, everything in this stadium, you don’t have a second. You have not been here before but the once that you came, you break records. I give kudos to the church. This your programme, God will bless you all.”

Also speaking, Coach Jonathan a.k.a Gabi commended the church for the maintenance works saying,”It’s a good thing that the church has done maintenance works on the stadium because Government must not do it all.

It was learnt that The Master’s Place International Church in Effurun is responsible for the maintenance works here at the Warri City Stadium ahead of its “Rain of Miracles (ROM)” crusade tagged,”Total Change of Story”.

“The crusade will be hosted by Pastor Korede and Esther Komaya of The Master’s Place International Church on Sunday February 27th, 2022 by 8am.”

Engr. M. Emmanuel, a site engineer who was sighted supervising the level of works at the Warri City Stadium confirmed the maintenance works being carried out by the church in the Stadium.

He noted that the church has painted and given the stadium a facelift because of the excellence of the founder of The Master’s Place International Church, Pastor Korede Komaya.

According to him, “We cannot be here and use the stadium like that. We needed to give life to the stadium and that’s the level of renovation you’re seeing going on. Here we are doing painting, we are roofing the stadium. We are also clearing. If you noticed, this place is looking green again. We are clearing the grasses. People are also clearing everywhere. Everywhere is looking shittu when we got here but because of the level of excellence that we come with, the stadium is wearing life.

“We have also fixed their roof. We have fixed their A/C’s, we have fixed their VIP lounge, everything is now having a semblance of life because we give life wherever we go to.”Rain of Miracles” programme is a city crusade for Warri City.”

According to Engr. Emmanuel,”By God’s grace, we shall be having over 10,000 people here. We shall be handing over to God, over 10,000 souls. We must win Warri for Christ.”

He said as a way of showing the love of Jesus Christ to the world, there shall be shuttle buses at strategic locations in the City of Warri and environs during the programme. “There shall be shuttle buses in every nooks and crannies of the city. Whether you’re in Effurun, whether you’re in Jeddo, whether you’re in Ubeji, whether you’re in Udu, Ughoton, anywhere you’re in the city, there will be free shuttle buses to bring you to the stadium and back after the service.”

He pointed out that there will be free shopping at the same day immediately after the service stressing that there will be a market where people can buy things without stress all because of the love Pastor Korede and Esther Komaya have for the people of Warri.

Engr. Emmanuel stated that the “Rain of Miracle” crusade will be hosted by Pastor Korede and Esther Komaya. He said the cleric will be joined by other men of God whom he described as “Sons of the Prophet and friends of the Prophet.”

He added that gospel artists such as Chioma Jesus, Jaga, Olaoga and others will also Minister in songs during the programme.

He enjoined the people of Warri and its environs to come enmass and attend the “Rain of Miracles”  programme.

While noting that the programme is not just torled rain of miracles, He He stressed, there will be miracles. We are practitioners of the gospel and we have seen miracles. The blind, their eyes will become open, they will see. The lame will walk, you will see deaf ears open and it’s going to happen live on Sunday. So, they should all come out. If they have any sick person, invite them. By the practicality of the hand of Jesus Christ, they will be given life again.”

The Warri City Stadium has a new look. The entire stadium has been completely roofed and painted. The VIP stand and lounge, the main bowl utilities, VIP and the commentary room are not left out in the maintainance works.

The plumbing works and the generator plant has also been repaired. At the time of this report, water has started flowing as there was light in virtually all the offices in the stadium.

The whole environment is now completely green due to the clearing works at the stadium.


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