Delta 2023: Urhobo Youths insist on Zoning Principle ………. Warns PDP of the Danger Ahead If……

Members of UPU Youth wing

By Senator Matthew

The Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youth Wing has said that they will do everything within their possible best to ensure that Delta Central produces the next governor of Delta State, saying that on rotational principle not anchored on ethic basis remains their standpoint.

The UPU youth wing said it is the turn of Delta Central Senatorial zone to produce the next governor, adding that the agitation by some persons from Delta South and North Senatorial Districts for the gentleman rotational agreement to be on ethnic basis was uncalled for.

Speaking at press conference held in Agbarho, Ughelli North Local Government Area,the Urhobo Youths President, Comrade Duru Nixon Ufuoma said a detribalized Delta Central man shall be support to be the governor of Delta State in 2023.

Comrade Ufuoma who reiterated that the governorship position was not negotiable outside Delta Central, called on Urhobo sons and daughters especially, the political class, leaders and stakeholders to remain firm and unwavering and go about their businesses of the choice for the Urhobo peacefully.

According to Comrade Ufuoma, “Those politicians from Delta South making consultations and claiming to be the next governor of Delta State come 2023 on the basis of ethnic rotation of the governorship position should not undermine the Urhobo magnanimity in their support for PDP unwritten agreement on the rotation of power among the three senatorial zones in Delta State.”

UPU Youth Wing

” That we call on our Ijaw brothers from Delta South Senatorial zone sounding jarring tunes and secretly formulating a political alliance between Delta North and Delta South to effectively neutralize the political force of the Urhobos by 2023 to stop and embrace the rules of the zoning accord so that the entrenchment of justice, fairness and equity in Delta State can be continued and sustained.”

“That this politically incorrect motives have a dangerous tendency to change the fortunes of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Delta State. Therefore, we are drawing the attention of the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the need and importance of maintaining the rotational governorship arrangement to sustain the peaceful coexistence, unity and development of Delta State,” he stated.

Continuing, he said “Even though Delta State is a multiethnic State, it is only a clear and sincere arrangement like rotational governorship arrangement that can make it possible for all ethnic groups to attain the governorship position whenever it is the turn of the senatorial zone in which they are located. We advice those of our brothers from Delta South who are drumming incongruous governorship ambition for 2023 to exercise patience and wait for their Senatorial zone’s turn to produce a governor.”

” That it rankles prudent and sane minds hearing that, in spite of the good sixteen(16) years of sacrifice, the Urhobo made for Delta South and North Senatorial zones to produce governors which led to the unprecedented peace and successes across Delta State, some politicians are still carrying out campaign of calumny against the Urhobo people who initiated the governorship in the interest of the two other senatorial zones of Delta State.”

“That those politicians hoping and working tirelessly to capitalize on disunity in Delta Central by secretly encouraging more aspirant in Delta Central to divide Urhobo votes and achieve their 2023 gubernatorial ambition to see themselves having a scarecrow dream because if one political party failed to project her best aspirant,others will not fail, therefore, Urhobos are not in disunity but in unity, when the time comes the world will see the Urhobos as a united force with uncommon strength.”

” That the Urhobo people firmly believe in the good people of Delta South and North Senatorial Zones, therefore, we respectfully appeal to them to support Delta Central zone 2023 to produce the next governor of Delta State, as a commensuration for the initiation of the governorship rotation which have pave ways for the minorities and made it possible for all the ethnic groups in Delta State to attain the governorship position whenever it is their senatorial zone in which they are located.

“That we also appeal to other political parties in Delta State to give their party gubernatorial ticket to Delta Central sons or daughters for the 2023 governorship election because the act of rotating the governorship position has become a political masterstroke which remains the most important agreement that stabilized Delta State for peaceful coexistence and put her on the part of unity,peace and equity development across the three senatorial zones.

” That we also sincerely appeal to any politician of Urhobo extraction working for aspirants from the other senatorial zones to quickly have a rethink and retrace their steps back home or else, such Urhobo renegades will be disgraced openly at the appropriate time.”UPU YOUTH WING

“It is an established fact that population gives political advantage because politics is a game of numbers but in Delta State, in spite of the Urhobos dominating power in population, the Urhobos are magnanimous enough to accept the PDP unwritten agreement for the rotation of power on the three senatorial zones in the interest of unity,peace and equity. In reality, if Chief James Onanefe Ibori did not initiate the rotational policy or the Urhobos had resisted and opted out of the zoning accord,former Governor,Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan and Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa wouldn’t have been governors of Delta State.”

Comrade Ufuoma noted that after Chief James Onanefe Ibori initiated and persuaded the Urhobo political class in PDP to accept and adopt the system of rotating governorship position among the three senatorial zones of the State, “This equity move was spread across the State and the PDP leaders in the three senatorial zones happily and jointly agreed that the governorship position should be adopted and rotated among the three senatorial zones of Delta State and not on ethnic basis, therefore, those calling for the rotation of the governorship seat in the State on the basis of ethnicity should restrain from it and be mindful of the fact that the Urhobos in Delta Central and Delta South Senatorial Zones are almost two-third of the population of Delta State and the Urhobos have been peaceful, friendly and very supportive since 2007.”

Comrade Ufuoma was flanked by Comrade Owen Oghenero, Hon. Tabuko Dennis Kabedje, Comrade Peter Sane Darah, Pastor Duke.E.Barho, Comrade Omoniyi Freedom and Comrade Kingsley Onakposegha, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, National Secretary, Financial Secretary, Director of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Director, Security/Intelligence respective


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