GKS Lays Sister (Mama) Esimagbele To Rest In Grandstyle

Late Mama Regina Esimagbele

Samuel Ogbemuvire (Warri)

It was the gathering who is who over the weekend at Salem City, the Headquarters of God’s Kingdom Society, the Church of the Living God, Delta State, Nigeria as late Sister Mama Regina Esimagbele was laid to rest.

Speaking on the sermon” The Hope Of The Dead” at the burial ceremony, the officiating Minister, Brother Joshua Chukwudi said death came as a result of sin of Adam and Eve for their God’s disobedience.

He said although Sister Esimagbele was blessed with good years of 89 years but compared with those of ancient times who spent over 900 years, one would say she has not lived long. He said if she had even lived up to 900 years, it is a day before the Lord.

He said if not for God, man is nothing adding, despite man’s beauty, one day, he would return to dust from which he was made and saying all is vanity.

He said Sister Esimagbele embraced truth in the God’s Kingdom Society at the time of St Gidion Urhobo and remained in the faith until she died.

According to him, there is still hope after man’s death as death is not the end. He said:’ there is hope of resurrection after the death of man as death is not the end in itself” Quoting from the Holy Scriptures: Eclesiacic 3:18,19,20, Act 26:6-8, Job 19:25,26, he said dead men shall live again by the grace of God just as he said, there shall come a time, there would no more death. He however said this hope is for those who would serve God Almighty faithfully to the end.

He said Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life and has the power to raise the dead from the grave. He said Mama Regina Esimagbele also believes in this before she died. He therefore admonished Christians not to mind the pains, tears when they lose their dear ones but to continue to worship God Almighty as such dead ones would rise again on the day of ressurection by the grace of God according God’s promises.

Brother Joshua Chukwudi who quoted 1st Thesolonian 4:13,14,18 said if we believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again, we shall have the same hope. He therefore charged Christians all over the world to be fervent in the worship of God in this regard.

In the Children’s (Ministers Nehemiah Oritsegbemi, Timothy Oritsegbemi, Brothers Eyituoyo Goodwin, Eworitsemogha Joshua and Sister Urowoli Abigail Esimagbeles) tribute, they described their mother as a diligent and firmed believer in God and His Son, Jesus Christ as she followed with precision, laid down rules set by her late husband, Brother Jonathan Esimagbele for the overall well-being of the family such as precise Bible study time for the children, preparation and serving of breakfast,lunch and dinner for the family, laundry of her husband’s and children’s clothes, ironing; organizing extra lessons for the children at home on specific days of the week.

Besides, they said the mother had a very sound spiritual knowledge hence she and late Sister Mama Tola Obafemi were appointed as study leaders to supervise the spiritual exercise of the Lord’s Ministry.

According to them, the mother was very neat and energetic. She would wash her clothes alone, prepare her food, and resist any attempts to help her do anything. Among other things, she was credited to have helped to stabilize the environmental sanitation exercise of sisters at weekends in Salam City.

They said, there is time for everything: a time to be born, a time to die, a time to weep and a time to laugh. They said they are not mourning but they are consoled by the beautiful and fulfilled christian life their mother lived as she died serving God till end.

In the daughters -in-inlaw’s tribute, they said Mama like any other person, was not prefect. They however said she was sweet, loving, caring, industrious,God’s fearing and very neat even on her sick bed in the clinic.

They said she was always there for the grandchildren even though her health was failing her. She never allowed her grandchildren to go hungry, among others.

On her part, Sister Joy Ekireghwo said late Sister Mama Regina Esimagbele was no nonsense person as she grew to know her. She hated laziness and idleness. She (Sister Ekireghwo) added when she(Mama Regina Esimagbele) was giving correction, she was always firm. She said this was why she(Sister Ekireghwo) took her (Sister Mama Regina Esimagbele) as her (Ekireghwo) role model.

Others who gave tribute to mark the sterling qualities of Sister Mama Rigina Esimagbele include, Sister Rachael Ukoko, Otomewo Obelikpeyah family which was signed by Prince Lori Ukutemi Obelikpeyah and Brother Matthew Otomewo Obelikpeyah; Phebe Group Sisters of GKS Warri branch; Brother Peter E.Bazunu; GKS Itsekiri Group signed by Brother Albert Bayo(Chairman) and Brother Roland Fadeyi(Secretary).

Others were Tessy Esimagbele; God’s Kingdom Society Youth Fellowship home and abroad which was signed by Brother Precious Onome Ejenake(Chairman) and Brother Obinna lkekwem(Secretary);GKS Women Fellowship, Nigeria and Abroad which was signed by Sister Comfort lkekwem(Chairperson) and Sister Ofeoritse Erhisohwode(Secretary) among others.


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